Make Your Home Happier And More Relaxing This Year

comfortable at home

Every new year, many homeowners plan to make things right in their world – they work on getting a new partner, haircut, or job – and their goal depends on where they think their problems lie. Since you’re reading these lines, you may feel that some changes to your home are in order.

Even if you’re still burned out by the end of the year, you can get the new year off to a good start and feel better in your home by:

  • Keep your home clean. You will feel better about your place and being there if it’s clean – and you will be announcing the message that your life is under control to everyone who enters, including you. This helps minimize stress levels.
  • Minimize the clutter. It is impossible for clutter to be avoided, but it can usually be minimized. Seeing clutter really does make us tense. Also, debris and piles can prevent you from accomplishing what you want to do in a space.
  • Look around and try some easy fixes first, before you call the demolition crew and the contractors. A new coat of paint on the walls can make a room more comfortable. Some fresh throw pillows on the couch or a new pair of drapes can also add more comfort. Things that are obviously worn out should be the first to be considered for replacement.
  • Express yourself. Make sure that the place where you live represents the things about your life that you want other people to know. A place that tells your story is a place that will make your life better.
  • Decorate in a style that makes you relaxed and happy. If sitting on wicker furniture make you happy, fill your living room with it. You live in your home, so please yourself.
  • Cue people in to desired behavior. People read messages in their surroundings to know what they should do there. For example: You can place a tablecloth on the dining table (even if it has a great finish you love showing off) to make people think about observing rules of etiquette that were so important to their mother when they were growing up.
  • Let the daylight in. Try opening the drapes, it may evaporate all of your other problems – daylight improves our mood and helps us think great thoughts.

You can have a happy home by keeping it clean, minimizing the clutter, let it send the right messages and pull up the shades!