Be Comfortable And Happy At Home

comfy at homeHow old is your house? Are you still happy and comfortable in it? Do you have enough rooms for all the members of your family? If you feel like your house is a little dull or boring these days. Why don’t you do some improvements, remodel or a makeover?

You may spend some cash on improving your home but you will have no regrets because if done correctly, these changes can also change your life. A home with a fresh and comfortable look helps homeowners feel happy and positive. Simple decorations and organizing can change the mood of your home so here are nine scientific ways to improve mood of your home:

Nine scientific ways to improve the mood of your home

Studies have proven that other people’s moods can be contagious. Whether we spend time with someone who is happy or feeling blue, we often mirror their frame of mind without even noticing it. Research shows that our homes can have a similar effect on how we feel. From what colours to paint our walls, to the power of fresh flowers, here are some tips on how to make our home happier, according to science.

  1. Vanilla candles

If lighting a candle at home after a stressful day brings you comfort, there’s a very good reason. A Chemical Senses study has found that scents from candles (particularly vanilla beans) lift our mood and can have a major effect on our overall happiness.

If you are planning for a home extension because of your growing family, you can always go for an extension. We all know that this project may cost much so you must consider a lot of things before starting on it. Here are some things to consider when planning a home extension:

What to consider when planning a home extension

Developing your existing home is highly exciting, deeply satisfying and, above all, life-changing. There are many reasons to extend, but whatever persuades you to take the plunge will result in more and intelligent use of space.

Developing and extending make complete sense. It may be a new conservatory, orangery, loft conversion or even a basement development. House extensions to front, back and sides all do the same.

Even if you do a simple home improvement or a big step of building an extension, always make sure to do some research and ask for an expert’s advice when planning.