Give Your House A Facelift

giving your house a facelift

You may be planning for a big home renovation in the near future but there are some quick ways you can accomplish while you decide exactly what will be the best for you and your house. To help you out, we’re giving you these six simple and inexpensive home improvement projects you can do to renew your home right away.

A lick of paint

You’d be amazed how much a fresh coat of paint can lighten up your home. If you are planning to sell your home, you can attract a big number of potential buyers by choosing neutral colors. For a quick, hassle-free choice, choose a flat or basic texture paint. Consider painting your front door as well to give it a new look.

Beautiful on the outside

Grooming your garden can go a long way; fertilize your grass, trim your shrubs and do some strimming. You can quickly develop the outside appearance of your home by storing your wheelie bins out of the view from the street.

Kitchen and bathroom faucets

Replace the old faucets to quickly renew your bathroom or kitchen without spending much. When buying, choose modern looking faucets to give them a new look.

Update your storage

Additional shelves and closet organizers can help you make more out of your current space and revitalize a room.

Let it shine

Choose more modern lighting fixtures to give your home more of an updated look. Replace old yellow bulbs with an energy efficient day light bulbs to really brighten the place up.

Make it sparkle

De-cluttering, tidying and cleaning can go a long way. De-clutter your garage and shed, wash your windows inside and out and eliminate odors.  Clean and shampoo the floor to make them pop.